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John Kang, Liquidmetal Technologies chairman from 2001 to 2010 has been a key figure in the commercialization of amorphous alloys. Currently the chairman of LM Holdings Group Inc., which is the parent company of a strategically allied ventures in the innovative use of plastics manufacturing technology for amorphous metals, John Kang is responsible for the overall strategy of the Liquidmetal group of companies, domestically, and abroad.

This website is composed of four major sections, each dedicated to the different types of information and insights that John Kang, the consummate businessman, has to offer.

1. The About Section – This section will contain a basic biographical background of John Kang, relevant to his formation into the successful business man that he is today.

2. The Blog Section – This section will focus on Kang’s personal insights in the business in general, and the amorphous alloy industry as it unfolds before us.

3. The News Section – This will be a curated news section containing important and relevant news that John Kang of Liquidmetal considers to be recommended reading for anyone who is interested in amorphous metals, holds a leadership position in a company, or who either intends to take their company public, or is currently in the process of an initial public offering (IPO).

4. The Experience Section – This section will go into in-depth detail regarding John Kang, Liquidmetal Technologies, LM Holdings Group Inc., and other ventures that John has been an instrumental part of, and how he has navigated the world of business to find the success that he has achieved today.

John Kang specializes in taking small to medium sized companies with unique and innovative ideas, and building them up to fulfill their potential, usually involving and IPO. The John Kang website is designed to appeal to business students, new entrepreneurs and established corporate leaders alike.