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Welcome to the news page of John Kang. Liquidmetal is a fast-growing material that may soon be seen in iPhones and other electronic gadgets. If you’re interested to hear the latest news and accomplishments in relation toliquidmetal, stay tuned to this page. This page will regularly be updated with news, stories, information, and features on John Kang and liquidmetal.

Liquidmetal in Apple’s iPhone

Reports are circulating that tech giant Apple is experimenting with new product designs that utilize liquidmetal. The material may be used for the iPhone’s metal case in combination with an LCD display that measures 6.1 inches. The move comes on the back of the company’s shift to lessen dependence on Korean competitor Samsung (who takes up a considerable amount of the mobile phone market) and other Asian suppliers. In the case of using liquidmetal as a case material, the market might see Apple experimenting with other materials as well, such as aluminum. By using liquidmetal, Apple would be doing a much better job differentiating itself from iPhone knockoffs which abound in the market.

Liquidmetal in Primitive Machines

In other news, a team of researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne is hard at work studying other liquidmetal applications, particularly in the development of primitive machines. This is a breakthrough discovery that brings to reality the shape-shifting Terminator T-1000 robot in the popular movie franchise. Liquidmetal is unique in its form, as it resembles living tissue such that it can change its shape without any need for mechanical, electronic, and optical stimulus.

While the thought is exciting, there’s still a long way to go before this kind of reality materializes, researchers admit. For one thing, robotics or AI isn’t quite intelligent yet to fully replace and perhaps terrorize humans. However, liquidmetal holds tremendous potential and should keep researchers interested indefinitely.

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