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The son of a pastor, John Kang graduated with a degree in AB Economics from the University of Harvard in the year 1985. He began his career as a consultant for Bain & Co. He has since notably brought two companies to IPO.

At present John Kang of Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. is responsible for the overall strategy and vision of LM Group Holdings Inc., which is the parent company of innovative companies like Liquidmetal Technologies along with partners, domestically and abroad.

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. is focused on the commercialization of amorphous metals. Amorphous metals that are stronger and more resilient than titanium but have the ability to be processed like plastics, have been around for 50 years since they were first developed at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in partnership with NASA and the US Department of Energy.

In an interview with Forbes, Kang has said that “In biotech, the ability to manipulate the structure of the atoms allows you to affect the behavior of those atoms. We’re doing with metals what biotech does with organic materials.”

More recently, John has been asked to speak at various events and has been interviewed for his knowledge, insights, and experience that he has gained from over 30 years of developing small and medium sized companies into large, publicly listed conglomerates.

In an effort to reach a wider audience with more detailed and organized information, John Kang of Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. will be regularly updating his blog and curated news feed. Business students, corporate employees, and business leaders alike will be able to benefit from his thoughts and insights not only in the industry of amorphous metals, but also on the global economy, leadership trends, and domestic markets.

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